Welcome to SP Group one-stop portal for Commercial Premises Utilities Application.
Upon successful application, an opening of account confirmation letter will be sent to you within 3 working days.
You may take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete this transaction. Please note the following before you commence:

1) Required Documents (softcopy) Please click here to view the details of the documents required.

2) Permanent Versus Temporary Supply 

During your application, you will be asked whether you wish to apply for permanent or temporary supply. For more information/details please click here.

3) Security Deposit

The initial security deposit has to be paid via eNETS or VISA/MasterCard during this online application to open an account.
To check how much you need to pay click below:

Security Deposit for Permanent Supply

Security Deposit for Temporary Supply

4) Payment for Security Deposit

You are required to make payment for your initial security deposit via eNETS or VISA/MasterCard during this online application. Applications without payment will not be processed. Please disable your pop-up blocker before starting online application.

For payment via eNETS, you will require a valid Internet Banking Personal Account with DBS/POSB/OCBC/Plus, Citibank, or UOB (eNETS Debit), an adequate balance and Payment Limit for deduction for the security deposit.

Only applicable for electricity supply capacity of up to 45 kVA and other services such as water and gas. There will be a $10 administrative fee (non-refundable).

Other payment modes & refund
If the required security deposit exceeds the online payment limits, please mail us your documents and cheque or proceed to any of our customer service centres to open your utilities account.

For refund of security deposit for unsuccessful applications, please email to customersupport@spgroup.com.sg with the following documents:
· Letter to request for the refund on the company's letterhead, stating clearly the applied premises address for the utilities supplies

5) Exceptions

The online utilities account application portal is applicable for all of the existing premises where the address information already exists in our database. For new premises, we regret to inform you that the applicant will need to either: 1) send in the application by post OR 2) walk in to any of our customer service centres to set up the utilities account.