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Premises with existing supply
For faster processing, please submit photographs of the meters showing the meter serial number and meter readings.

(Acting for itself and as agent for and on behalf of PUB and City Gas Pte Ltd (as trustee) for the supply of utilities, and as agent for Veolia ES Singapore Pte Ltd, Colex Environmental Pte Ltd, SembWaste Pte Ltd and 800 Super Waste Management Pte Ltd in relation to the collection of refuse. ) (Co. Registration No. 199504470N)
Application for Water, Electricity, Gas and/or Refuse Collection Services
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Gas turn-on and cut-off charges applies
For Gas Turn-on/Installation, please call City Gas Pte Ltd (as trustee) at 1800-555 1661 for an appointment. Installation and Termination of gas supply fees apply. You need not call if the gas supply for the previous occupant is connected.
Water supply, Waterborne Fee and Sanitary Applicance Fee (if applicable) will start from the date of supply turn-on.
Refuse collection charges (if applicable) will start from the opening of account.
Preferred date of turn-on of supplies : *     What is Express Service?
Peak Period to Avoid: 1st & last week of the month. If the date you choose is not available, we will arrange for the next earliest date.
Service appointment is not available from 01 April 2015. Please choose another date. Thank you.
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Premises for business use applicants, please allow 3 business days upon receipt of required documents and Security Deposit.
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